Basic Bushcraft Survival Course 3 days

3 Day Basic Bushcraft Survival Course

Course Description

Rewarding and challenging, the Basic Bushcraft Survival Course will introduce you to the world of bushcraft and wilderness survival in a comprehensive and insightful way, providing the perfect introduction to begin your journey into the outdoors.


Firelighting without matches or lighter

This basic course is ideal for all people new to the bush, as well as experienced outdoor enthusiasts who want to revise and hone their skills. No experience is necessary however a reasonable level of fitness is required.

Our friendly team of experienced, well trained and passionate Bushcraft Survival Australia instructors will ensure a rewarding and open learning environment with an emphasis on teaching rather than just instruction. This approach provides the opportunity for real skill / knowledge acquisition and personal development.

The Basic Bushcraft Survival Course will introduce you to a range of fundamental and necessary Bushcraft Survival skills. These core wilderness skills will concentrate mainly on modern methods and equipment. They include:

  • survival priorities
  • survival psychology
  • kit mentality
  • safe use of cutting tools and knife sharpening
  • knots and cordage
  • emergency shelter and bed construction 
  • fire lighting using modern methods (ferrocerium rod, electrical, solar, chemical etc)
  • water (collecting, filtering and purifying)
  • food (wild edibles of the local area)
  • emergency signalling (active and passive methods)
  • introduction to natural navigation
  • camp cooking
  • camp hygiene

Collecting water using a transpiration bag


Construct emergency shelter, make fire and boil water in 20 minutes


The Basic Bushcraft Survival Course is run at both our NSW and NT locations and is conducted in natural surroundings from an outdoor expedition style base camp. The outdoor campfire classroom provides an enlightening immersion into nature, helping our students to re-connect with the natural world on their journey to becoming more self-reliant. The outdoor setting provides a wonderful wilderness experience.

All course locations have parking available and are ‘reasonably’ accessible via public transport.

Catering & Food

All meals will be provided on the course with full opportunity for each student to learn and practice some outback bush cooking. Learn how to use a camp oven, bake bread and cook in the coals.

Tea, coffee, biscuits, fresh water and cordial, as well as a fruit bowl will also be provided at the base camp.


Lighting a signal fire safely!


“I thought my bush survival skills were fairly good before I carried out the bush survival course... wow…. I really didn’t have a clue… Gordon has showed me ways and procedures I would never have thought of in 100 years… Everyone needs to do this course. Gordon is extremely informative and also very inspirational”.

Sheldon Quartermain, Darwin NT

“Just completed Bushcraft Survival Australia’s basic bushcraft survival course at the amazing coastal camp set up in northern NSW (near Coffs Harbour). I highly recommend this course. Gordon has an extraudinary wealth of knowledge gained world wide, learning from some of the best in bushcraft and survival and a tonne of army experience as well. The structure of the basic course was excellent, he shares the theory side (with related real life examples) then you get to apply the lessons learnt in practical application; lighting fires, building shelter, tying knots, filtering water etc. I can’t wait to learn more and bring my brother along next year. If you have the slightest interest in surviving in the Australian bush, then do yourself a favour and book on one of his courses”

Heath Wiley, Tasmania

“A truly memorable experience on the Darwin basic bushcraft survival course. The instructor, Gordon, instructs you in a mixture of traditional and modern bushcraft and survival skills centered around a great respect and care for nature. He has trained all over the world with some of the best instructors in the field and he knows his stuff.

I would highly recommend this challenging and immensely rewarding course. You never know, it may one day save your life!”

David Glasper, Darwin NT

“Thank you Bushcraft Survival Australia and especially Gordon Dedman for an outstanding course over the weekend. Dylan and I learnt loads and met some wonderful people too. What a great experience and Dylan was also pretty chuffed he made the news”

Callum Campbell, Murwoolimbah QLD

“The three day Basic Bushcraft Survival Course is suited to anyone who enjoys the outdoors or who wants to enhance their bush skills. Under the guidance of Gordon Dedman the course covers key topics such as having the correct mindset to prioritizing, shelter, knots, cutting tools, fire lighting, signaling, navigation plus more. A very informative course about the natural world teaching practical survival skills you can apply”

Perryn Kember, Darwin NT

“Great course well worth taking the time to do men and woman, you should do at least the basic course as you will learn skills to help you in everyday life as well as a survival situation. I will be going back”

Justin Dawson, Darwin NT

“What an eye opening and educating experience! Gordon presents all the information in such a way that even with my minimal knowledge and experience I felt like I really did get to hone some amazing skills (fire lighting was my favourite). There was a lot of fun and laughs along the way and everyone really mucked in and supported each other. This was of particular importance to me as I thought I might be on the “out” as not being one of the “boys”, not the case at all. All in all an amazing experience and would definitely recommend.'

Esme Batley, Sydney NSW

Highly recommended!!!!! Best course I've ever done... Cheers Gordon. Can't wait to arrive to do the advance.'

Alex Pontarollo, Darwin NT

I completed the Basic course in Sydney and had a great time; as a hiker with a growing interest in Bushcraft I found the knowledge Gordon passed on to be incredibly useful. I've also found a new confidence when heading off into the bush, knowing I can depend on myself and my skills to keep myself out of trouble.

Thanks Gordon for sharing your knowledge. I had a great time.

Jonty, Maitland

Upcoming Courses

Date Location Course
12-14 April 2019 Sydney Basic Bushcraft Survival Course (3 Days) Book here

To express your interest in booking a place on an upcoming 3 Day Basic Bushcraft Survival Course or to enquire about our customised training:

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  • Price: $550 per adult, $250 per child (juniors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Included: All instruction, food & beverages, land use fees, GST and your own carbon steel bushcraft knife by Mora of Sweden to keep.
  • Maximum number of places: 12
  • Minimum age: 13 (juniors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
  • This course starts at 9:00am on Friday (day 1) and finishes at 4:30pm on Sunday (day 3).