Adjustable pot stand

This is something I learnt to make while on one of Paul Kirtley's courses in the UK. It's an adjustable pot hanger. One of the quintessential essences of Bushcraft is taking into the bush the bare minimum of items to carry and constructing everything else you need during your time there. Far more efficient way…
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Hot Rock Boiling

Ever wondered how to boil water in the bush without having a kettle or other similar items? Below Gordon shows hot rock boiling in a paperbark bowl. This was after collecting water from a ground sump and coarse filtering in a Milbank bag. Close up of the improvised paperbark bowl folded to hold 1.3 litres…
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Knife Talk

What is a good knife?  Well, that depends on what your intended use is. Here Gordon shares about the use of knives at a recent Bushcraft Survival Australia Course. Pictured is the Mora MG Companion Knife which is a great affordable ($35 AUD) versatile knife that is issued on survival courses all around the world. This…
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