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“When our courses go beyond practical applications”

I love what I do and sharing it with others, but hearing stories like the following one makes it so much more worthwhile. This is published with permission of the lady who sent it to me.

Hi Gordon,

I Just wanted to send you this photo of this tiny little fire that I made on my latest women's walk.

As we were walking, i was telling the ladies about your course and what i had learnt. We had lunch around an old campfire and someone suggested (jokingly) we have a fire and I could show them how to make fire with my new skills. I had my ferro rod and knife in my pack, so i found some stringy bark and explained how we need three piles of kindling and a platform. I lit the fire no problems and everyone was quite impressed by the whole process. It was only a tiny fire as we were leaving soon, but it also gave me the opportunity to talk about leaving no trace.

This may have been only one tiny little fire, but for me it was a huge boost to my confidence. I am not one to like being the center of attention or having to do something with people watching. So to do this in front of others was a pretty big deal for me. I wanted to share this with you as i believe it shows just how beneficial bushcraft skills and spending time out in nature are, and apart from all the practical applications, how these skills can be used for personal development.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and teaching these skills, I'm keen to learn and experience more.




Belinda in training

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