Course Overviews

Course Overview

Bushcraft Survival Australia offers courses to suit all levels of experience, from the novice to the advanced, from those new to the bush and the outdoors to the seasoned outdoorsman.

From basic through to advanced, our courses equip you with practical outdoor self reliance skills that can be used and adapted to suit a range of different environments.

Our courses are conducted entirely in natural surroundings from an outdoor expedition style base camp, providing an empowering re-connection with nature.

Our courses are both rewarding and demanding and introduce you to the world of bushcraft and wilderness survival in a comprehensive way, starting with the basics and learning to use modern skills and equipment. Gradually we wean you off that modern equipment and progressively introduce traditional skills and natural resources into your repertoire until finally in the advanced stages, you are left with nothing but the knowledge in your head and what you find around you.

Our curriculum and syllabus has been carefully designed to introduce you to a wide range of knowledge and applicable modern and traditional survival and bushcraft skills.


Learn this essential knowledge and these valuable skills in the friendly atmosphere of our outdoor campfire classroom where each skill is carefully explained and then demonstrated by our highly trained instructors and teachers before you practice and hone the technique for yourself.

As each new skill is acquired, we will help you to apply it and gradually build upon what you have already learned, providing you with improved self-confidence in the outdoors and your becoming more self-reliant.

Course Overview


3 Day Basic Bushcraft Survival Course

This 3 day course is an introduction to the fundamental bushcraft and survival skills necessary for wilderness living, providing a firm foundation upon which to begin your journey into the outdoors. Core wilderness skills covered in this basic course will concentrate mainly on modern skills and equipment, these skills include; survival priorities, cutting tools, emergency shelter and insulation, knots and cordage, finding water and making it safe to drink, modern fire lighting methods, plants of the local area, signalling, introduction to natural navigation, camp cooking and kit mentality.

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3 Day Intermediate Bushcraft Survival Course

This 3 day course picks up from where the basic course leaves off. Expanding on the fundamental skills of bushcraft, you will extend your skill base as we gradually wean you off modern skills and equipment and introduce you to natural resources and traditional skills. These skills include; natural and traditional shelters, natural cordage, traditional fire lighting methods, improvised water filters, containers and tools from natural materials, edible plants of the local area, aboriginal cooking techniques, natural navigation and improvised traps and weapons.


2 Day Basic Junior Bushcraft Survival Course (11-16 years)

This basic course is tailored to suit juniors aged between the ages of 11 and 16. It is similar to our 3 day adult Basic Bushcraft Survival course however the teaching style, structure and lesson duration is adapted to favour the younger generation. Our aim is for the students to have fun while encouraging them to learn new skills and enjoy the outdoors and nature with confidence, without an electronic game or iPhone in sight! 

Core wilderness skills covered in this junior basic course include; survival priorities, safe use of cutting tools, emergency shelters and insulation, simple knots and cordage, making water safe to drink, simple and effective fire lighting methods, how to stay found and signaling for help, useful plants of the local area, finding your way in the bush and camp cooking.

Proposed Future Courses


6 Day Combined Basic to Intermediate Bushcraft Survival Course

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This 5 day course combines the skills taught in both our basic and intermediate courses in a structured progressive way and is for those that have the time to complete both the basic and intermediate courses back to back, culminating in a formal assessment carried out at the end of the course.


7 Day Advanced Bushcraft Survival Course

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This 7 day course takes all the skills that have been taught in the basic and intermediate courses and puts them to the test in a realistic yet safe scenario. Students will receive revision and instruction on more advanced skills for the first two days then they are left to fend for themselves in a challenging yet rewarding scenario, completing a number of assessable tasks along the way.


3 Day Coastal Survival Course

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This course is similar to our regular basic bushcraft survival course but with an emphasis on the coastal environment and its resources.  

You will learn about: tides and understanding the coastal environment, survival priorities, emergency shelters and insulation, knots and cordage, water procurement including how to desalinate salt water, fire lighting methods, introduction to plants of the coastal environment, signaling, natural navigation, fishing techniques, coastal foraging and cooking techniques.


Private Training and Customised Courses

We can also offer customised courses and training for private individuals and/or groups, corporate teams, scout groups, school groups, Duke Of Edinburgh award training and SAR personnel. Call or email us to discuss a package to suit your needs.

Bushcraft Survival Course Locations

Bushcraft Survival Australia  courses will be conducted in a number of different locations. Currently we are running courses in Darwin (NT) and the Coffs Harbour area (NSW). We are also more than happy to send our instructors to another preferred location that you choose should you have land that is suitable.