Documents – 2 Day Junior Bushcraft Survival Sydney

2 Day Junior Bushcraft Survival Course Sydney Documentation

Thank you for registering for the 2 Day Junior Bushcraft Survival Course being held in Sydney on 12-13 October.

Please right-click to download each file linked below - these outline what will take place, what you need and what is required of you.

Course Participant Consent Form
We would be grateful if you could please complete and return the Course Participant Consent Form to us as soon as possible.  Please include the course name and date on the form.

Pre-Course Information
The equipment and clothing list are suggestions only. If you have suitable or equivalent items already bring these along, you don't have to spend a fortune and purchase a whole new kit. Equipment can also be purchased on the Gear Supply website and entering the promotional code Bushcraft to receive 15% off.

Joining Instructions