Intermediate Bushcraft Survival Course (4 Days)

Intermediate Bushcraft Survival Course (4 Days)

Course Description

This 4 day intermediate course picks up from where the basic course leaves off. Expanding on the fundamental survival skills, you will extend your skill base as we gradually wean you off modern skills and equipment and introduce you to natural resources and the traditional skills used in bushcraft.

Like our basic course, you will be taught using a mix of relevant theory and practical bushcraft skills, all centered around our camp-fire classroom.

The intermediate bushcraft survival course will help you to move away from a dependence on modern equipment and increase your ability to make use of natural resources to meet your needs, allowing you to become more self confident and self-reliant.

You will start off by revising some of the basic skills taught on our basic course then we will move on and introduce you to a wider range of topics and traditional techniques using natural resources.


Learn how to construct a natural shelter and bedding

You will learn to build and live in a natural shelter, how to make a springy bough bed, learn to make fire by friction using the bow drill and hand drill, make containers and tools using natural materials, how to boil water using hot rocks, learn how to make cordage using natural plant fibres and how to cook using aboriginal cooking methods, learn some simple trap trigger systems and increase your knowledge of local edible plants, learn to navigate using the sun and stars and much more.

Fire by friction using the bow drill

You Will Learn

   Revision of the basic course skills

   Natural shelters & bed construction

   Fire lighting (flint and steel, bow drill, hand drill)

   Fire management

   Containers and tools from natural materials

   Natural cordage using plant fibres and bark

   Improvised water filters and hot rock boiling

   Camp craft

   Basic carving skills

   Introduction to traps and trapping

   Preparing small game

   Edible and useful plants of the local area

   Aboriginal cooking techniques

   Natural navigation



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Hot rock boiling in natural containers

Catering and Food

All meals will be provided on the intermediate course. Each evening you will be provided with ingredients and resources that you will prepare and cook as instructed, using a mix of traditional and aboriginal cooking methods.


This course is run entirely outdoors from an expedition style base camp, and you will either be sleeping in your own camping equipment (tarps only) that you will bring (see clothing and equipment list) and in the natural shelters you will build yourselves.

Toilet & Shower Facilities

This course is conducted in an expedition style field camp with no public amenities. A screened trench latrine and gravity fed canvas bush shower in a secluded private spot, along with strict camp hygiene measures will give a natural wilderness expedition feel to your experience while at the same time being low-impact and environmentally friendly.

Bush cooking in front of your natural shelter 


The Intermediate 4 Day Bushcraft Survival Course is run at our NSW (Coffs Coast) and Darwin locations and is conducted in natural surroundings from an outdoor expedition style base camp. The outdoor campfire classroom provides an enlightening immersion into nature, helping our students to re-connect with the natural world on their journey to becoming more self-reliant. The outdoor setting provides a wonderful wilderness experience.

All course locations have parking available and are ‘reasonably’ accessible via public transport.


Participants must have attended a 3 Day Basic Course with Bushcraft Survival Australia or have previous experience to an equivalent level (e.g. a course from another reputable school)


My father in law and I just attended the 4 day intermediate course and we had the time of our lives. We were able to put into practice a lot of theoretical knowledge but also learnt way more advanced skills and techniques, it was very eye opening what is possible and how broad a subject bush-craft and survival truly are. We had a great group of people there and made some new friends The course was set in a gorgeous coastal location. Gordon was an excellent teacher very patient and was able to convey information and teach very efficiently no doubt due to his teaching and military background and his wealth of knowledge in bush craft and survival.

So happy I went will be attending another one of the BSA course next year for sure.

Charlie McDermott

Upcoming Courses

Dates: As below Location: Darwin. NT    Course: Intermediate Bushcraft Survival Course (3.5 Days)  We start at 5pm.

Upon making your booking you will receive a link to the participant consent form, which must be filled out and returned right away, and other documentation about what to bring and where to go.

Date Location Course
4-7 October Coffs Coast 4 Day Intermediate Bushcraft Survival Course Book Now

To express your interest in booking a place on an upcoming 4 Day Intermediate Bushcraft Survival Course or to enquire about our customised training:

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   Price: $550 per adult, $275 per child (juniors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

   Included: 4 full days and nights of instruction from “fully qualified” instructors, all food & beverages, land use fees, indemnity insurance cover.

   Maximum number of places: 12

   Minimum age: 13 (juniors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

   This course starts at 9am on day 1 and finishes at approximately 4.30pm on day 4